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Hi, I'm Nichole

I've led different teams for over 12 years and have learned so much in my career, both in entry level roles and as a leader. I have experienced and seen first hand where the gaps are for people who are in entry level positions, who have a desire to promote into their first leadership role but don't have resources or support to get there. Many companies make hasty decisions and are still promoting the wrong people, turning into "bad bosses". Because organizations rarely have training options available to prepare individuals for future growth, this inspired the creation of Growvio.

My Story

I joke about being born and raised in a call center because I started working at a call center right after High School and have been involved with call centers for the majority of my career.

In 2009, I moved from a smaller town in Logan down to Salt Lake City. I found a job working at Marriott Vacations Worldwide. Starting there is where my career trajectory was going to change. 

Working at Marriott is where I got promoted into a leadership position for the first time. Getting there was not easy, I applied for almost every Team Leader and Trainer position available and was turned down more times than I could keep count. Sometimes I received specific feedback and other times it was vague. It felt like an uphill battle without mentors or guidance. I was often confused when I received feedback that wasn't in alignment with how I was showing up in my role.

I have reflected back on that time often throughout my career, recognizing the lack of support and resources to help me bridge that gap more quickly. 

As I have helped mentor and guide others into leadership positions while leading different teams, I thought, there has to be more out there for people to be better prepared for growth. Once people are promoted into leadership roles, there are endless opportunities for professional development. But what are companies doing to prepare their team members before they get promoted into that first leadership role?

Many organizations hire someone into leadership who is a top performer, but I want organizations to know that it's not always helpful to promote the top performer if they aren't also demonstrating people leadership skills. This is what can easily lead to becoming a "bad boss."

Growvio is here to help create future leaders so when you have an opening for a leadership role, you'll feel more confident when promoting internally.

Let's work together to help develop your future leaders. 

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