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Nichole Harrop, Thought Leader

About Nichole:
Nichole has over 12 years of experience in various leadership roles, mostly supporting customer facing teams. She has a proven track record in creating high performing teams with a large percentage of her team members promoting into higher experienced internal teams, promoting into leadership roles, and sometimes promoting out of the company into a better fitting role for the individual.

Nichole is a versatile speaker with expertise in a wide range of topics including creating more female leaders in the workplace, helping to foster more effective internal communication, understanding individuals personal values and how it can help them be the best in their roles, how to be an empowering leader that isn't a micromanager, how to recognize which team members to invest your time and energy into most. Each presentation is tailored to engage and inform the audience effectively. Nichole is becoming a sought-after expert. 

Unique Perspective:
What sets Nichole apart is her unique perspective on her ability to recognize the pain and experience of entry level team members that is often overlooked. This perspective is at the core of her engaging and thought-provoking presentations.

Speaking Style:
Nichole is known for her confident, yet welcoming approach to presentations. She captivates audiences with relatable connecting stories of her experiences.

Value to Event Organizers and Attendees:
By booking Nichole, event organizers can expect increased knowledge, morale, and retention within their employees. Attendees will leave Nichole's presentation feeling inspired and empowered, partnered with actionable next steps.

Nichole is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences to help others succeed in entry level and front line leadership roles. With a proven ability to connect with diverse audiences, she is the ideal choice for your next event.

To inquire about booking Nichole for your upcoming event, please contact
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