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Full Program Details

Here you'll find a breakdown of what each week consists of as we help to prepare individuals for future career growth.

Future Leaders Program Details

Each week will consist of 30-45 minutes of video and workbook reflection in addition to the 1-hour weekly zoom session. This could be more based on the amount of time each future leader spends on re-watching material or diving deeper into any additional resources referenced.

Once an individual is enrolled, within a week of their first session, they will get access to the online community where they will have the ability to watch as much of the content in advance as they would like. However, we recommend not going ahead and staying on track with the outline of each week.


This session is where the cohort leader focuses on building a foundation of a relationship with each individual of the particular cohort. We will focus on setting intentions as well as understanding individual goals for everyone. We'll wrap this session up by setting expectations of how to get the most out of the program.

Introductions + Goal Setting

Learning Your Leadership Style


We'll be discussing any assessments the cohort members have taken and reflect on the results. We'll talk about what they have defined as personal values as well as a purpose statement. We'll talk through power vs. influence and the ability to make decisions.

Self Awareness + Building Relationships


We'll talk through self awareness and how it affects building relationships. We'll talk through the exercises they went through to increase their self awareness. We'll discuss how to be proactive when building relationships in a way that remains authentic.

Leading Without the Title + The Importance of Feedback


Leading Without the Title + The Importance of Feedback

We'll talk about how they currently see themselves as a leader and what might be holding them back from standing in that light more often. We'll discuss how they are each standing out in their role as well as mentoring others to lift them up as they are also on the rise.

Internal Networking + Gaining Buy-In


Internal Networking + Gaining Buy-In

We'll talk about the differences of internal networking and building relationships, how to gain sponsors and building confidence all while remaining authentic. We'll talk about how to gain buy-in from other departments as well.

Vulnerability + Finding Mentorship


Vulnerability + Finding Mentorship

We'll talk about the power of vulnerability and why it's important to have a mentor outside of their direct leaders in their organization. We talk about how to approach finding a mentor.

Saying Yes to the Right Things + Managing Conflict


Saying Yes to the Right Things + Managing Conflict

We'll talk about taking an inventory of current responsibilities and how they are currently standing out in their role as well as how to say yes without leading to burnout. We'll discuss managing conflict and how to continue to stand as a leader amongst their peers.

1:1 Sessions + Feedback


The final week is dedicated to 1:1 sessions with each individual and the cohort leader to review how to set up each individual for ongoing success as well as discussing any areas of opportunity to continue to work on. 

Once the cohort is complete, the cohort leader will follow up with the direct leader of the individual to provide feedback on their strengths and how they can continue to set them up for success. 

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