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4 Things Leaders Can Implement Right Away to Set Team Members up for Success

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

A woman manager and team member sitting at a desk at work

Leaders, what are you doing to set your team members up for success?

1. Provide opportunities for learning and growth

This can look like delegating responsibilities or sharing things you are working on so your direct reports can see how you approach different problems or projects.

2. Set clear goals and expectations

When you are clear on what you expect, it leaves less room for misunderstanding. Set expectations and revisit them to ensure your team members are on the same page.

3. Give constructive feedback

It doesn't have to be all sunshine and rainbows, but look for the good and remember that we all started somewhere when we were wanting growth and didn't know exactly how to do everything. Be specific when you give constructive or positive feedback (going back to being clear).

4. Offer support and resources

Leaders have so much on their plate so it's hard to keep track of everything. Check in with your direct reports, ask questions. "How are you feeling?" "Is anything unclear?" "Do you know what is expected of you this month?" "Can I provide clarity anywhere?"

How do they learn? Provide resources they can look into as they grow and develop in their role.

With each team member, if you can create a foundation of psychological safety in the workplace and truly see them as a full person who has interests and passions outside of the workplace, if you support them in areas they are most passionate about, their loyalty to you and your organization increases and they'll want to stick around much longer.

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